K & J


K was lost in Ubud when she found my gallery coincidentally. She fell in love with the wedding gowns that she saw from the window and decided to come inside and find the perfect wedding gown that reflects her style.


The first time I met her was in my Ubud gallery to do the first fit-out for her. She is defenitely an elegant British woman and she amazed me knowing that she was in the end of her travelling exploring the world for almost a year with her fiancé. She explored Indonesia way more than any Indonesian I know, including myself. She said that I should explore Indonesia more and she promoted Indonesia for me :). 


I met her again for the second time at my gallery in Jakarta for final fit out (she just came back from mountain-climbing) and was glad to see the gown wrap looking perfectly on her. We kept the wedding gown from J so that he would only see the wedding gown for the first time on the d-day. We wrapped the gown carefully, knowing that K and J would be continuing their journey to Raja Ampat for their last destination before their wedding in South Africa. Yes --- South Africa !


For me, they are an inspiring couple that have the courage to fullfil their dreams and believe in each other that much --- to leave everything behind and explore the world together and end their journey with wedding vows in the middle of the African bush with 2 game rangers protecting them from wild animals. K wrote an email to me recently and told me that J and the vicar were attacked by an elephant on the way to the ceremony which proved to be very scary for him. What an experience !


K & J - my best wishes for your new adventure ahead as husband and wife :)